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Commercial Steel Estimating

Commercial Steel Estimating is a must-have ready reference for construction professionals on the process for steel estimating.  Written using laymen's terms, it may be used as an instruction manual on how to create a complete, comprehensive steel estimate. 


This book offers information on the following: 

  • How to find jobs to bid

  • How to create a comprehensive pricing schedule

  • How to write a comprehensive bid proposal

  • Project Specification explanations and applications

  • Project Drawings explanations and applications

  • How to read and interpret contract drawings

  • Detailed explanations on shop labor

  • Detailed explanation of shipping and handling applications

Chapter 1 - The Steel Estimator, describes the job requirements and the estimating process

Chapter 2 - The Pricing Breakdown, lists the pricing categories needed in a quote

Chapter 3 - The Bid Letter, provides an example and detailed description for a proposal

Chapter 4 - The Bid Documents, describes and explains the scope of work

Chapter 5 - The Contract Drawings, describes and explains how to read plans, section cuts and details

Chapter 6 - Steel Materials, provides an introduction to material shapes and their uses

Chapter 7 - Reading Structural Drawings, explains how to extract the fabrication items to bid

Chapter 8 - Structural Material Listing, explains the process for calculating the fabricated items

Chapter 9 - Reading Architectural Drawings, describes the process for extracting miscellaneous fabrications

Chapter 10 - Fabrication Labor, explains labor time applications for fabrication

Chapter 11 - Paint and Painting, explains how to find and use paint specifications, including calculations

Chapter 12 - Shipping and Handling, describes how to calculate material handling, loading, and shipping costs.

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