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Steel Detailing

Finding a great steel detailer is one of the most challenging aspects of steel fabrication. The best thing a fabricator can do is to use a NISD Certified Steel Detailer on their projects.  Certified steel detailers know the process for accurate steel detailing, from business management to correct drawing editing and checking - all vital to getting you the best service.  Go to the Membership Map at or copy past this link to locate a steel detailer near you:


Since we started using NISD Certified steel detailers, we have shop ready drawings at approval submittals. Our Project Managers are grateful for error free shop detail and erection drawings, no shop questions, and no field fit issues.  We save an unquantifiable amount of time and money by not having to correct errors.  As company owner, I have the peace of mind and the confidence which comes with knowing I have the best detailers working for me. 

Earnie McMahon, Owner of McFabCo Steel Corporation, Seattle, Washington

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