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The Great Negotiator

Project management is really about negotiation.

The constant challenge for getting materials to the jobsite before it is needed places project managers in a highly pressurized state of existence. Continuously working to accommodate immediate demands, there seems no way to stop the crisis management behavior. These conditions worsen when managing multiple jobs.

In my work, I did manage multiple jobs and was always very, very busy. I kept getting 'whistle-bit' by the little things which slipped by for lack of attention as bigger issues stole my focus. But then, I had knowingly allowed those little things slip. Over time, I began to recognize those 'little' things had become the bigger issues which required immediate attention. I continued in this cycle with no idea how to stop it.

While I got the GC what they needed when they needed it most of the time, nothing happened without a lot of work and worry, and sometimes added (and unrecoverable) expense. I performed many, many unpaid overtime hours to accomplish my client's goals. No one truly sees what it is you do, and so, it is a very thankless job.

Eventually, I came to understand that I was reacting, not managing. I felt I was an extension of the GC's project management team, simply doing their bidding and thinking I was doing the right thing. It all was in accordance with what management wanted, designed to execute delivery and billing - though we were all going nuts with the day to day challenges.

Managing projects is about making the right decisions at the right time, awareness of which only comes with experience. Each time I was working out an issue, I began to look for the root cause. I did notice that much of what was happening could have been prevented.

I began to put into practice behaviors which would support clients and make the work more manageable for us. Experimental efforts made me stumble for a time, though eventually I was able to develop methods which permanently changed my project management behavior.

Changes made to my own project management behavior helped to change my client's behavior, resulting in more manageable and profitable projects.

I believe that you get with you negotiate. Everything, everyday, is a negotiation when it comes to Steel Construction Project Management. How do you do this successfully? That is what I am here to help you with.

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